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Washer And Dryer Repair - Appliance Repair Questions
1.00 What are renters rights during repairs and construction?

Q. I am renting a room in the basement of a house. My bedroom is connected to the laundry room and a bathroom. On 9/27 repairs for a leak in the laundry room were started. Since there is no door to the basement, the repair men need to go in and out of my room to work. They also use my bathroom. We were told that the repairs would take 1 week, but they are still going on. To fix the leak, they are making a door in the back and have knocked down three walls inside so far. They also tore down the deck outside and re-concreted the back. Since the construction, we've had 3 days without water, 2 days without heat and 5 days without laundry capabilities. I also have lost my right to privacy bc the workers are in my room from 9am to 7pm every day. They clog my toilet and leave trash in my room. My room is also covered in construction dust, including my bed which I cannot sleep in now bc I can't wash the sheets. They are also storing the washer and dryer as well as some other stuff that was in the laundry room my bedroom room. What are my rights as a renter? Am I legally allowed to ask for a discount on my rent this month? If so, how much? Is my landlord obligated to pay to have my room cleaned after the work is done.

A. You can ask for prorated rent for any days you could not reside there. If you stayed there you are not owed anything. And no, no one has to clean your room. This is just part of life in a house.

1.00 How to clean the dryer vent on a stackable unit?

Q. I have a GE spacesaver stackable washer/dryer unit in a place I am renting and the dryer takes FOREVER to dry the clothes. Any suggestions? I can't seem to locate the vent where you clean out the lint ?

A. Open the dryer door, at the bottom of the door opening there should be a lint trap, or at least an opening for a lint trap. If you see no lint trap and no opening, than it's somewhere else and I can't help you. If you see an opening and there is no lint trap, you're in trouble. That means all the lint has been going through the vent line and the vent line is probably clogged. I've never had a stackable, but I'm assuming that would be the most logical location for the lint trap because that's where older dryers used to have them placed. Newer dryers seem to have them located above the dryer. But on a stackable, I'm just not sure.

1.00 How do you clean a dryer vent thing?

Q. My husband bought us a washer and dryer a while back through craigslist, everytime it starts I can smell it smoking a little bit. I'm thinking that there might be some lint build up somewhere deep inside.. how do I clean this??? (I'm not talking about the little tray) PS I'm not that handy, is this something I should ask my husband to do?

A. You may want to have your husband do this... start by taking the vent hose off the back of the dryer, clean out the hose and the outdoor vent damper. Then take off the back panel of the dryer and clean out the vent pipe inside of it, and anywhere else you see a build up of lint. Hope this helps

1.00 I have a washer and dryer attached stand up,vent cleaning?

Q. I the lint catcher is on the back wall of the front loading dryer i can only get so much off the back when i take the lint catcher out but the way this dryer is made its hard to get the lint off help please...

A. They sell a really long brush with a movable handle at Lowes hardware as I'm sure as well as other big box srores..Maybe that will work,they are in the appliance dept..

1.00 How often do you clean out your dryer vent?

Q. I'm not talk about the small one on the side, but the vent inside the dryer? My dryer began taking forever to dry the laundry, we called a repair man out, who took off the entire front and somehow the Lint collected to the back where the heater coils are. We had all kinds of Burnt Lint....And that is after we Always Change the filter after every load... The dryer is cleaned After every load, but the seal broke loose and the lint was blowing to the back of the dryer....It was not visable....

A. Sounds like either the filter is not in tight enough or when you clean it, some of it is falling into the opening as you pull it out, because the lint filter you clean on a daily basis should stop the lint from entering the dryer

1.00 Gas clothes dryer not drying help please?

Q. I have a 2004 year Kenmore gas dryer (and washer) front load. The washer is washing (and spinning) fine. The dyer is taking longer and longer to dry. Medium heat 80-90 minutes clothes still wet (not dripping but not close to dry). High heat 60 minutes still damp. Earlier clothes were toast in high heat 30 minutes. I keep the lint tray clean, and last week professionally got my dryer vent cleaned. No improvement. Its only 5 years old. Please advise, serious answers only.

A. Thermol switch may be bad

1.00 Dryer won't shut off!?

Q. Our dryer isn't working properly; the timer knob will not move. The dryer runs but it won't shut off on it's own. Rather, it will run until we open the door. This has been working alright but I'm concerned we might forget it's running and I don't want it to overheat and/or catch fire. I don't know much about appliances so I don't know if this is a simple repair or if it's going to require a specialist. Our dryer isn't that old, 5-6 years. Can anyone offer advice?

A. From the sounds of it your dryer is still supplying heat so I won't address that. Some dryers have 'automatic' or 'More dry - Less dry' modes and actual timed modes. If you are setting the dryer to an automatic mode and it doesn't advance it could be the sensor that determines whether or not your clothes are dry is the problem. There is a sensor that detects the amount of moisture in the air leaving the dryer that tells the dryer when to stop in the more dry, less dry, automatic modes. If you are using the setting that is based on time and it doesn't advance then you are looking at the timer motor or a resistor leading into it.

1.00 Every time washing cycle begin it empties out all the water into the drain hose, while cleaning?

Q. Every time washing cycle begin it empties out all the water into th drain hose w hile cleaning? what is causing this problem

A. It's probably working just fine. A lot of newer washers pre-drain the washer before starting a new wash. Your outlet hose doesn't allow 100% of the water to escape during spinning (normally a flexible hose from the bottom of the washer to the top of your sink or something similar) and/or wet clothes drip some water into the washer's draining system. If it's a whole washload worth of water, however, there is something wrong and you should call for a repair.

Washer And Dryer Repair

 Appliance Repair - Washer And Dryer Repair Common dryer repair problems involve dryers that won't work at all, dryers that won't tumble, slow drying, overheating or a lack of heat in the dryer. Here are a few basic dryer repairs you can perform while you wait for a professional dryer repair service to arrive at your home. If your clothes dryer doesn't run at all, make sure that the appliance is plugged in properly. Check if the power outlet is functioning by using the voltage tester or by plugging in any other appliance. Many electric dryers require a 240 volt receptacle to work. If there is nothing with the power, check the power cord, and if necessary, replace it. If there is nothing wrong here too, open the dryer door, and check if the door switch clicks each time you release it. If there is no clicking noise, then you may have a broken door switch. Call a dryer repair professional to replace the switch.

If your dryer makes a lot of noise, but there is no tumbling movement, check the interior of the drum for any objects that have become loose. The noise could also occur because of any dryer parts that have become loose or defective components like a drum belt, motor bearings and support roller. In case of defective parts, it's best to rely on a professional dryer repair service. In case of a dryer that is too slow make sure that there is no obstruction in the vent duct that leads from the dryer to outside. The duct must be kept clean, and the dryer must never be placed too close to the valve. Slow heating can also occur because of a heating element that is partially burnt. Call a dryer repair service to replace the burnt element.

Common washing machine problems involve a machine that doesn't run. In such cases, check the power supply to the unit. In case the motor stops in the middle of the cycle, remove some of the items of clothing from the machine to reduce the load. If the power receptacle is dead, look for a fuse or circuit breaker that's blown. Check the power cord, and replace if necessary. If none of these seem to help, you may have a problem with a washing machine control. Call a professional washer repair service to fix the problem. We help Douglasville residents connect with qualified washer repair and dryer repair services. Simply, fill out the form, and you will receive free estimates for all kinds of laundry appliance repair services of various models including General Electric dryer repair, Frigidaire dryer repair, Maytag dryer repair, Hotpoint dryer repair, GE washing machine repair, Frigidaire washing machine repair, Maytag and other washer repair services.

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