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Refrigerator Repairs - Appliance Repair Questions
1.00 Questions for physics experts need answer?

Q. 1. Two glasses of water, one with a temperature of 18 degree celsius and the other 10 degree celsius are placed in a refrigerator whose inside temperature is 7 degree celsius. which of the two glasses will cool off at a faster rate? Why? 2. Normally liquids contract when cooled, water is an exception. Why does it expand on freezing? (Recall your chemistry, clue: molecular geometry of H20) 3. During hot weather sprinkling a little water on the floor can cool a room. Why?

A. 1. The warmer glass will cool off faster. There is a larger temperature differential, and heat flow is proportional to temperature difference. 3. because the water will evaporate and cool itself and the air around it. Evaporation requires energy to occur, and this energy is drawn from the water and it's surrounding, cooling them. 2. wikipedia: An unusual property of ice frozen at a pressure of one atmosphere is that the solid is some 9% less dense than liquid water. Ice is the only known non-metallic substance to expand when it freezes. Ice has a density of 0.9167 g/cm³ at 0 °C, whereas water has a density of 0.9998 g/cm³ at the same temperature. Liquid water is densest, essentially 1.00 g/cm³, at 4 °C and becomes less dense as the water molecules begin to form the hexagonal crystals of ice as the temperature drops to 0 °C. This is due to hydrogen bonds forming between the water molecules, which line up molecules less efficiently (in terms of volume) when water is frozen. The result of this is that ice floats on liquid water, which is an important factor in Earth's climate. Density of ice increases slightly with decreasing temperature. .

1.00 How hard is it to replacing a small area of floor in the bathroom under and around the stool?

Q. The stool leaked and we replaced the wax ring. We noticed the floor surrounding the stool less than 3 feet was rotting. How hard would it be to replace the floor if we had proper instructions. Or should we hire experts?

A. It is going to depend on how much damage there was to the floor and subfloor. You weren't very specific about what kind of floor and subfloor you have so giving you an answer isn't really possible, however, these sorts of repairs can be a do it yourself job if you are willing to do a little research.

1.00 How many hours a week do HVAC/R Service Technicians work?


A. Overtime is one reason I retired early. They WILL want to burn you out on work. Counting an hour of unpaid travel time a day, I averaged 55-60 hours in a five day week. They wanted a six day often too. I was doing repairs only. They generally don't mind paying overtime as long as there is plenty of work out there. You are an "income generator" and they make a profit off every hour you work. If they have to turn down jobs they get no income from them. Yes, they try to size the crew to reduce overtime BUT the major company I worked for was always hiring a little and never enough. There seems to be more work than people, always, except early spring and early fall between seasons. Those periods are also when they want you to take your vacations. Good Luck.

1.00 My 2 month old air conditioner suddenly stopped working it's 95 degrees outside, please help?

Q. It was working just fine ... I was cleaning the house, going in and out of my room and when I returned a few minutes later I noticed the noticeable sound of the AC whirring wasn't present. So, I walked up to my AC and noticed there wasn't any cold air blowing out at all and the fan inside wasn't turning. I unplugged the cord from the outlet and plugged it in again, did the whole reset thing and NOTHING. I take very good care of my things so it's not like I was careless with it at all. (It's one of those AC's that you put in your window) It's a Haier model HWF05XC7-2 I called up the company and the operator said the technicians are gone for the day. There is just no way I can go to sleep tonight with how hot and humid it is outside. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Yes, there is power. When it's plugged in, there is this very low humming sound that is heard from the AC but like I said, the fan does not turn and no air is coming out, none at all...not even hot air. I checked both sides of the AC to see if there was anything blocking it but no. I clean my filter once a week, I never let it build up. I wipe it down...I take care of my things. I don't know too much about repairs but for now I'm using common sense and what little research and troubleshooting I'm collecting from the net. Thanks to all that are trying to help..I bet you're sitting in your AC enjoying the cool air haha Yes Dee W. thanks so much..I did try that reset thing. The green light is on, that's how I know the circuit did not blow. It must be something going on with the unit itself..I just can't figure out what..

A. Not being a A/C tech, the only thing I will ask is, is there power at the receptacle that the unit is plugged into? Plug a lamp that you know works into the receptacle and if it doesn't light, check the breakers. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck.

1.00 How long is too long for a sewer line?

Q. I'm looking at buying a house that will be connected to a new sewer district. But, the sewer line will be 350 feet long, with two sharp angles and several "cleanouts" along the way. How likely is it that a line of this length will need cleaning out on a regular basis? Are problems likely? Slow drains? Clogs?

A. That's a little more than problem if repairs ever need to be done. Yes your looking at many problems. Better get you a good long snake to keep on hand. I had allot of problems at my old home it was 400 feet. The drain had little slant as well.

1.00 Car got flooded at work. Is company responsible?

Q. My wife's car got flooded while she was working. It was parked in the employee parking, there is not alternative parking. The parking lot drain was clogged and her car and about 10 others happened to be in parking spots close by.(I have their license numbers and car types.) The interior is soaked, and the engine is running like crap, its in the shop right now. Is my company responsible for re-imbersing us for what we pay for repairs? Is it their responsibility to keep the drains clean? Thanks for any help.


1.00 What to do with dirt basement?

Q. We have a 900 sq ft approx dirt floor basement. i would love to do something to it to make it a cleaner apperence. I think there is a company that spray in foam etc? should i put down thick plastic and gravel? we go down there to change water filter and other repairs. i am tired of the mud floor. also when we have heavy rain it comes down steps into basement and puddles at door. there is a drain but it gets so muddy. please help!

A. What year was the house built? What kind of supports are used? How tall is your basement ceiling? I may be able to help, but these variables depend on your options... please detail

1.00 Anyone had experience cleaning a gas dryer vent, mine is so clogged I am stunned?

Q. I can't afford to have anyone come out to clean it and my shop vac isn't strong enough to get the job done.

A. Go to your local appliance parts dealer and ask for a coil cleaning brush. It's a long brush that's about 2" in diameter and can be easily bent. Then go outside to the dryer vent and run it all the way in as far as you can get it and twist it as you bring it out. You may have to do this several times depending on the amount of buildup you have. Then go inside and disconnect the hose at the dryer and do the same thing. The great thing about this brush is that you can then also use it on the dryer. Remove your filter from the dryer and run the brush in there doing the same thing. Works great. When your all done, you can then use the brush under your refrigerator to clean the coils on it from both the front and the back and your refrigerator will run a lot more efficient which is what the brush is suppose to be for in the first place. By the way, they're only a few dollars. Hope this helps !!!

Refrigerator Repairs

 Appliance Repair - Refrigerator Repairs You can increase the life of your refrigerator, and avoid the need for refrigerator repairs by taking time to clean and maintain your appliance. Make sure that you clean the condenser coils at least once every 3 months. These coils will be located either under the refrigerator or behind it. Look at your produce manual, and remove food debris from the drain hole, and clean out the drain pan. Make sure that the gasket on the door of the refrigerator and freezer are sealed tightly. Look for cracked gaskets, or gaskets that have come loose. If you find that the doors of your refrigerator don't close automatically, you could be wasting precious energy. Make sure that your refrigerator is level. Clean gaskets with vinegar to avoid mold growth.

If the refrigerator isn't cooling, check to see if it has completely stopped, and if it has not, make sure that the thermostat is turned to the right setting. If not, reset the thermostat now. Cooling problems can also occur because of problems with the compressor motor, which is located on the outside near the bottom of the refrigerator. If the compressor continues to hum, the problem may be linked to something else, and a qualified refrigerator technician must be called. Poor cooling can also occur because of heavy accumulation of frost on the evaporator coils. The refrigerator has a self defrosting mechanism, and if there are problems in the system, the appliance will continue its cooling function. This can cause frost build up on the evaporator coil. To check if this is the problem, remove perishables from the refrigerator, turn the thermostat knob to the off position, and leave the refrigerator doors open for about 24 hours, allowing defrosting to take place. When all the frost has been melted, turn the knob back to your normal setting.

You can minimize the need for refrigerator repairs by performing periodic maintenance. In case of a self defrosting refrigerator, remember to clean the drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator regularly. The melted water collecting in the drain pan can lead to mold growth. Keep the coils of the refrigerator clean. You can find these behind or underneath the refrigerator. Make sure that the gaskets on the refrigerator door are sealed tight. To check if your refrigerator door gaskets are tight enough slip a piece of paper in between the door and the refrigerator, and close the door shut. Try to slip the paper out. If you can pull the paper out easily, then your gasket needs changing. To locate professional refrigerator repair services in Douglasville, simply fill out the form, and we will connect you with specialists who undertake repairs of all models of refrigerators, including Whirlpool refrigerator repairs, Amana refrigerator repairs, Kitchenaid refrigerator repairs, GE refrigerator repairs, Hotpoint refrigerator repairs and Frigidaire refrigerator repairs. Our specialists also undertake ice maker repair, compressor repair and other home refrigerator repairs.

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