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I just bought a home and it was bank owned. The bank installed new appliances to sell, but it seems they installed the fridge incorrectly. Will not get cold and styrofoam still attached where I dont think it is supposed to me. I don't want to break anything.

Emily A

Need gasket for Maytag Mtb1504ARW.

Marc K

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Appliance Repair - Appliance Repair Questions
1.30 Gas water heater pilot light going out?

Q. We have recently had maintenance done to our water heater for the pilot light not staying lit. They replaced the the thermocoupler and said that should fix it but may not and if it goes out again it might cost us $300 next time. This is after we already paid $175 for the first repair. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. Assuming the maintenance or repair was done properly and it is not a draft issue or burner bowing it out on shut down the culprit is probably the gas control. The control has an internal limit wired in with the thermocouple circuit that drops out the thermocouple when overheating takes place. Sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank can also cause this as it will hold more heat and affect the limit. This limit can reset itself when the temperature drops back down but like any mechanical switch it can reset but not have good contact explaining why it doesn't stay lit consistently. This is an internal part of the gas control and would have to be replaced as one unit. Not worth the repair unless it was in warranty.

1.20 Appliance Repair Palmdale?

Q. Most affordable appliance repair in Palmdale? Most Dependable appliance repair in Palmdale? ... appliance repair in Palmdale? Most Responsible appliance repair in Palmdale?

A. Http:// God Bless

1.20 Appliance Repair Glendale?

Q. Looking for a cheap and dependable appliance repair in Glendale?

A. Looking for the most affordable appliance repair in Glendale? That easy go to Now servicing Nation Wide

1.20 Appliance Repair Pasadena?

Q. Most affordable appliance repair in Pasadena? Most Dependable appliance repair in Pasadena? Most Responsible appliance repair in Pasadena?

A. Most affordable, dependable, responsible, that easy go to Now Nation Wide!

1.20 Need name ideas for a new appliance repair company?

Q. I just need suggesions for names, thank you.


1.20 Appliance repair?

Q. Does anyone know anyone who fixes cloths dryers in the Cranberry Township area that they have tried and liked ? Soory I am new to this ...Cranberry Township PA

A. Which state or country? We all don't live where you do.

1.20 Where is a good site to find job applicants for an appliance repair tech?

Q. I am not looking for a job, i am looking for a site to help me find employees!!!

A. See source, its a blog I found, one of the first onces from a quick google search...

1.20 How much should an appliance repair man charge me to replace a condenser fan motor on a refrigerator?


A. The motor you reference to is called a unit bearing motor or a 9watt ( or 6 watt or similar) motor. My cost is about 35 dollars. I would charge about 150 with labor

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